Welcome to my little space on the internet.

The aim of this blog is to share my thoughts and showcase some of my work. I am sharing my thoughts to try to help others starting businesses, to help me clarify my random thoughts and because I love writing! Hopefully you enjoy looking at stuff I have built and places I have photographed. Business, designing/building stuff and photography are three of my greatest passions. My other passions include travelling, camping/hiking, cycling and anything to do with cars or motorbikes.

I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering and have worked as a professional engineer for over 8 years. Most of this time was spent in the automotive industry, specifically in quality, safety investigations/recalls and product development (LPG fuel systems). I also have a Masters of Applied Finance and an MBA from the Melbourne Business School. I am the founder/owner of Milton Ashby Toys.

I can be contacted via shannon@shannonley.com