Ammo Box Bluetooth Speaker

Ammo box bluetooth speaker by Shannon Ley

I do a bit of camping from time to time, and recently decided that it was time to upgrade our camping stereo with something DIY. Given its intended use, it needed to be rugged, reasonably compact, have decent battery life (and be chargeable from a cigarette lighter socket) and of course sound awesome. As it would be for 4WD camping weight was not too much of an issue. Thus a 30 cal ammo box was perfect!

Ammo box speaker by Shannon Ley - sound deadening

It has plenty of butyl sound deadening applied to damp out resonances in the box that may colour the sound and 12mm MDF plate on the front face to add extra stiffness around the speaker mounting points. The grilles are stainless steel mesh painted green, which I think keep the authenticity of its look and almost have a WW2 period look.

The system is powered by three 18650 Li ion batteries and has given 20 hours of use at moderate volume. The batteries can be charged using a laptop power supply or cigarette lighter adapter. With a total of 60W of output, the class D amplifier is not only loud, but provides great quality sound too. Connectivity is via Bluetooth, but a 3.5mm input can be easily added.

The sound is clear, bright and can go very loud for such a small package. There is also a decent, yet not too exaggerated amount bass. Overall it holds its own with my Bang and Olufsen A2. The ammo box itself can also take a pounding, and I am looking forward to it gaining a nice patina of battle scars to give it a tougher, battle hardened look.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Box: 30 caliber ammo box
  • Amplifier: 2x30W class D
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (3.5mm optional)
  • Drivers: 5″ woofer and 3/4″ tweeter
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life: approx 20 hours at moderate volume

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one.