Cylindrical Bluetooth Speaker

I often find that materials I have lying around inspire ideas, and this one is a perfect example. I had some aluminium tube left over from another project and after a while it pretty much just screamed out bluetooth speaker! Here is the end result:

The caps at the ends are walnut, the middle aluminium tube and the speaker housing 3D printed ABS covered in speaker cloth. Initially it had a single Dayton Audio ND65 driver, but lacked top end, so I added a tweeter (and requsite crossover). Here are the parts in the first iteration:

I didn’t get a photo of the second iteration of 3D printed housing before assembly, but model is below. Note the port vents to the side, but has a 90 degree elbow that routes it vertically into the cylinder. I have also changed the grille from slots to circles to make it less visible through the fabric. The grille slides down onto the housing.

Since the first iteration I have added an LED ‘on’ indicator. It is epoxied in and sanded flush:

The on/off switch is an old school toggle switch on the back:

Overall I am really happy with the result – it sounds and looks great.

Contact me if you would like a copy of the STL files for the 3D printed housing.