Aluminium and Walnut Desktop Speakers

Desktop speakers by Shannon LeyDesktop speakers by Shannon Ley - side/angled view Desktop speakers by Shannon Ley - audio connection

I was a little over my cheap looking Logitech computer speakers, so decided to set about making my own. They had to look and sound awesome, not take up too much real estate and provide an opportunity to try a few new things. They were to be used in near field, at relatively low volumes and with a sub, so good low frequency response was not a priority.


The ‘new things’ elements were achieved by incorporating polished aluminium in a project for the first time and getting parts CNC cut. The photo on the right shows them ‘naked’, including two 1″ full range drivers. Rather than traditional (ugly binding posts), they have recessed female banana plug connectors to keep the look on the rear clean and simple.

The speakers sound crisp and clear and have a great sound stage. They also pump out more volume than I will ever need while working! With a sub under the desk the system has great bass and it is hard to tell that the sub is separate.

I am in the process of designing a matching matching active sub and remote volume knob. The sub will incorporate Bluetooth and DSP, along with all the amplification and possibly a DAC for USB connection to the computer.